Transforming Global Payments with Trade Finance India’s Payment Products!

Our Payment Products are a suite of financial solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses engaged in international trade. At the heart of these offerings is the provision of Virtual International Accounts, empowering businesses to transact seamlessly on a global scale. These accounts are a digital gateway to simplified cross-border payments and are designed to enhance the efficiency of your financial operations.

International Virtual Account

The International Virtual Account provided on Trade Finance India is a digital financial solution crafted to address the challenges businesses face when dealing with international payments. It serves as a versatile and efficient platform, allowing businesses to receive payments in foreign currencies with ease. This digital account offers the flexibility and convenience needed to navigate the complexities of global transactions.


  • International Bank account in 5 mins
  • Free Account Creation
  • Zero Maintenance Fees
  • Live FX with Zero Margins
  • Flat fees

Exporter Credit Card

The Exporter Credit Card offered by our banking partners is a tailored financial solution designed to cater to the unique needs of exporters engaged in international trade. This credit card is equipped with features and benefits that facilitate seamless transactions, optimise cash flow, and provide exporters with the financial tools needed to navigate the complexities of global commerce.


  • Global Acceptance
  • Multi-currency support
  • Credit Limit Flexibility
  • Expense Tracking and Reporting
  • Competitive Interest Rates