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TradeFinanceIndia.com introduces TFI: BIZZ, a cutting-edge solution designed to provide instant and hassle-free unsecured business loans and overdraft facilities to all Indian MSMEs. With TFI: BIZZ, we leverage technology and forge strategic lending partnerships to offer the best deals available in the country, ensuring our clients have access to timely and competitive financing options.

TFI: BIZZ is a tech-driven product of TradeFinanceIndia.com that serves as a single window solution for MSMEs, simplifying the process of obtaining unsecured credit. Through our platform, businesses can seamlessly navigate the loan application process and secure the funds they need without unnecessary delays or complications.

At TradeFinanceIndia.com, we are committed to delivering the best deals, ensuring timely disbursement of funds, and providing a hasslefree experience for our clients. With TFI: BIZZ, MSMEs can trust us to be their reliable partner in meeting their financing needs, empowering them to fuel growth and achieve their business objectives with confidence.

Features & Benefits Of TFI: BIZZ For Businesses

In the business world, securing capital and finding suitable credit solutions for growth and daily operations is a perennial challenge.
Whether it's funding expansion plans or meeting day-to-day expenses, businesses constantly grapple with the complexities of financial
management. Here are the features and benefits of TFI:BIZZ for a Businesses:

No Collateral

TFI: BIZZ offers Unsecured Credit which means businesses doesn't have to worry about pledging any collateral or asset to get credit

Access to Multiple Lenders

TFI: BIZZ is a single window solution offering tailored made solution with the help of our extensive lending partnerships

Quick and Digital Process

TFI: BIZZ offers 100% digital process to apply for Unsecured Credit to business helping them to get quick and hassle free credit

Business Loan EMI Calculator

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Loan Amount: $50000
Interest Rate: 5%
Tenure: 5 Years

EMI Details

Eligibility Criteria For Unsecured Business Loans

Lenders such as NBFCs or banks review business loans for startup applications based on their set eligibility criteria.
Lenders such as NBFCs or Banks review business loans applications based on their set eligibility criteria.If you are looking
to avail a loan or line of credit for your business, you must fulfil the listed-below eligibility criteria:

You have an established business operating for more than six months at the time of application.

The minimum turnover is Rs 90,000 in the last three months from the time of application.

The business does not fall under any category or list of blacklisted/excluded businesses.

The office/business location is not on the negative location list.

Charitable organisations, NGOs, and trusts are not eligible for a business loan.


Here is the process to avail of business loans for business in India.

1 Visit www.tradefinanceindia.com
2 Register your business
3Select your product
4 Complete profile and documentation
5Click Apply Now
6Sit Back & Relax while we bring the best deals for you

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